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09-26-2004, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by gary69
It works both ways, a player would then also be able to resign from one employer (one week's notice, maybe even one day's notice) and move to play for another team.

In a free market sports environment it's usually the teams who want longer and guaranteed contracts for players in their prime or for youngsters with great promise (just look at the European soccer market, which is quite close to free market).

Like Tom Benjamin said it in another thread NHL needs NHLPA much more than the players do.

"If the players decide to chuck the union at some point during this dispute, NHL teams won't be able to do anything at all to suppress wages. They will not be able to hold an entry draft. No entry level salary system. No restricted free agents. No compensation for lost UFA's. They will not hold the rights to any player beyond the term of each contract. The NHL needs the union more than the players do. Tom"
They won't have to surpress wages, they players will do that. Its a myth to think the players will all get rich in a true free market. The rich will exploit their advantages, the poor will scape at the bottom of the barrell for playing talent, and the middle will muddle along minding its finances.

You really think Holik, Roenick, and the other over 31s will get $7, $8 or $9m? NO CHANCE AT ALL. Who would pay Amonte or Kasperitis $6m/y when they could go after Bouwmeister or Kovalchuk? The players in their primes will get the big $, the older richer UFAs will get a 50-75% pay cut. In other words, the plays who run the union (the older guys) will be the first to get the cold shoulder.

As for the competition there may be 5 or 8 teams spending $60m in a free for all. They'll pick up the elite young talent.

The rest of the teams can't possibly win and so they won't even try to spend up big. They'll run as cheap as possible (great news for big spenders as elite talent is even cheap for them) and try to scrape into the bottom of the playoffs.

The bottom 10 or so clubs won't even try to build working clubs. They will load up on prospects and oldies. Right now these team feel obliged to spend because of their drafted pospects and a possible future, under a true free market their future is NIL because big clubs will plunder their talent. They'll pay marginally above AHL wages or fold (or both). Players will line up to try to prove the bigger clubs should sign them. These clubs will fill the jump between the AHL and NHL, they will only have to pay 2 times the AHL wage because the bottom 3rd of players would other option of playing here or going to europe.

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