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09-26-2004, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids

good read. he seems concerned that this could be his last year, both with the Preds and in the league.
I talked to Terry Crisp yesterday, and he wasn't very optimistic. He said he was at first, but now that the CBA has expired, he has changed his tune. He is worried there will be atleast a year lockout. He thinks the owners are going to break the union by getting an 'impasse' declared. I'm not sure exactly what this entails, but I have an idea. He thinks the NHL is going to keep bouncing offers off the NHLPA. These offers will involve a salary cap and will be invariably rejected by the NHLPA. After about a year of this, they will take it to the courts and try to get an 'impasse'. This will mean that the NHL and NHLPA (according to him) will cease to be. Then, the owners will resurrect the NHL (nothing on the exterior will change) and invite the players back only on the terms of the owners. This is what he fears will happen, but he said it will take atleast a year.

He never actually said one way or the other but I think he's squarely on the side of the owners on this one.

As for Crispy himself, he is a great guy. Very colorful and very politically incorrect. He's just filled with enthusiasm for life. His wife Sheila is wonderful as well.

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