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09-26-2004, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by me2
It doesn't sound fair that an employees rights are owned until he is 31 either. Or that one company can send him to another company whenever they get bored of him.

If its a free market, then lets have a real free market. No drafts, no RFAs, no restrictions on players right to move teams for more money. Lets see how well a team can "build" when it has no right to retain its young talent.

If people want to bring real world into pro-sports then lets have a real world situation. You can cry "free market" all you like, but cry for true free market or look like a hypocrit.
hey, if you want to put words in my mouth, then let me know when its *really* my turn.

i never said anything about "free market". all the things that the players give up are compensated for in other area's (like a huge salary). however, my point was in response to a post in the thread.

and my point remains, this "cap" is supposed to help teams like CGY, I wonder how much they will feel the "help" when NYR has more cap room to sign Iginla away from them (for no compensation).

i see a system today that does not allow NYR to sign Iginla, and if they do the Flames get a pretty decent compensation.


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