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09-26-2004, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
hey, if you want to put words in my mouth, then let me know when its *really* my turn.

i never said anything about "free market". all the things that the players give up are compensated for in other area's (like a huge salary). however, my point was in response to a post in the thread.

and my point remains, this "cap" is supposed to help teams like CGY, I wonder how much they will feel the "help" when NYR has more cap room to sign Iginla away from them (for no compensation).
Losing Igilna is the least of their problems. They are going to lose him anyway over the next few years if Calgary keeps improving.

Calgary will likely trade him before it lost him under a cap system.

NHL can set higher compensation for lost UFAs. They already have a reward for lost UFAs.

Igilna can still price himself out of a market. See Kariya in Anaheim who got release for nix.

Under a cap, players salaries will come down. Right now Calgary are a 1 star team. Its highly unlikely they lose their one star under a cap. I'd be more worried about teams with 4 or 5 stars than Calgary. Calgary is position so that they would likely be looking to add a star rather than lose one.

i see a system today that does not allow NYR to sign Iginla, and if they do the Flames get a pretty decent compensation.
What is to stop the NHL introducing such a system under a cap. Lose a quality UFA get high compensatory picks (1st rounder or so).

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