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Originally Posted by buddhahat View Post
Look, I'm not a curmudgeon railing against new technology. I've tried composites I prefer wood, even some pros still use wood. That's not my issue. I even have a stick with an Oggie on it - Google that and try to tell me I'm afraid of new technology

The way this thing started was a new guy posted his list of equipment. Someone made a snide comment about his compression shirt. I said be nice, better he bought that than a $300 stick. I have no problems with a $75 composite stick as they last longer than a wood stick.

My point is that as long as the equipment manufacturers can sell a 2 mph advantage to your shot to the great unwashed (for only $299!!!), hockey will become too expensive for the average person to enjoy. Already in my area, we have to do equipment swaps and donations and fund raising drives just to keep the kids in the game.

Technology is a wonderful thing for all the weekend warriors. I'm glad you have money to burn and get a little more juice on your shot. If you have unused sticks and shafts cluttering up your garages, I'll take them. I'll cut them down and buy new blades and give them to the kids who desperately want the new NikeBok 6750 XXX because they saw it on TV but whose parents can't afford skates that fit because their hours have been cut down at the plant.
buddhahat - I wasn't referring to you. In fact the quote I included in my response was from another poster. There was extensive dialog between me (and others) said poster about the durability of composite sticks. Sorry if there was any confusion.

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