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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
You can't say the Habs are non-physical when they've finished in the top 5 for bodychecks in the last two seasons.

We weren't inconsistent when we didn't have a boatload of injuries in the previous season.

Many agree that the coaching system is what produced the results of this season. Without a good system, they still managed a good record before Lang got injured (27-15-6, 27-11-6 before the 4 game losing streak).

A good system and less injuries would've done wonders this season. Just the fact that they were looking really good when Kovy-Koivu and Tanguay got put together, 6 games before Markov got injured, shows that this team was capable of being really good.

As we wait for teams to unload some big contracts over the next two seasons, I wouldn't mind bringing back the core, because the next coach will probably be better, and they can't have as much bad luck as last season.

Also, you underated Lang's leadership, as the team seemed to have lost some leadership when he wasn'T there anymore.

As for being small, I totally not agree. The Habs were not even close to be the smallest team. In fact, in terms of weight, the Habs had one of the top 10 teams. IN terms of height, they were middle of the pack.

I do think that there are changes they could do, but they could do those while still putting Tanguay-Koivu and Kovy together again, and retaining Lang's services.

What should be modified first is the defense. Modify the top 4 to make it more solid. Especially in the passing department, get better puck movers on the D corps. This will help the offense that was already in place and dominated in 07-08.

Then when the time comes, make a move for a real #1 centerman, when a good deal will come along, and looking at certain team's situations, its only a matter of time before we can get one.
I still don't like what I'm seeing. Most of the time, there was just no interest/enthousiasm from the players. I want to see something different next year. I don't want to bulldozer the team, but some adjustment- both on offense and defense - should be made.

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