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Originally Posted by SyracuseBulldogs View Post
You forget this is the "I need it now" generation. I want to shoot harder, what stick will do that. I want to get fitter, what pill will do that. I need new gear how can I make a lot of money today. It goes on and on. It's all about trying to take the easy way instead of good old fashioned hard work.
Yep ... I lost 37 lbs by not eating junk food. NO fast food NO high calorie garbage. I also cut out most beef, pasta and potatoes and made sure I ate some carbos like bread and some rice once in a while since you need carbohydrates.

I eat a lot of baked chicken, fresh veggies (not that canned salty crap, I cook it from raw frozen).

You can't starve yourself as you've pointed out, it doesn't work. I changed my diet that was all, no chocolates, chips, soda pop etc etc

I started in November 2008 and leveled off at losing 37 lbs and have been the same weight now for a couple of months with no changes eating plenty to be full.

The process took about 5 months or so .... people need to remember that it takes time to get fat and it takes time to lose it. ANY quick weight loss diet program is tremendously bad for you as are the ones that do not include exercise with the diet.

Playing a lot of ice hockey like I do certainly was my exercise I needed.

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