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09-27-2004, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by wint
No, the easiest thing to do is get more money from tickets. That could mean raising prices if the owner thinks fans will keep paying, or lowering them in order to get more people in the building. Increases in ticket prices are caused by increases in fan interest, not player salaries. Tickets will always be priced at the exact amount that the owners think will get them the highest return, regardless of who plays on their team.

$33.49 for an average price for a ticket in 94-95
$43.57 for an average price for a ticket in 03-04

about a 30% increase. Inflation from 94-03/04 was about 28%. The price has even dropped from $47 in 00-01. The ticket market is clearly saturated in some areas.$maseq_e.htm

Meanwhile the payroll has increased by a lot more than that. $10m in 92-3, $19.6m in 95-96, $33m in 00-01, $44m in 03-04.

Is there any wonder there is a revenue shortfall in the NHL?

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