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05-08-2009, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by powerthirst View Post
It's clearly massive overpayment by Ottawa here and I don't hear a single Ottawa fan that would support this deal.

It's also fairly clear that Philly fans feel strongly about their young prospect and his potential. Kinda seems like no one wants this trade to happen, other than the few Philly fans willing to grudgingly lose a favoured prospect for a large overpayment.
Giroux has a vision for the offensive game and is something special, something that a very select few in the NHL have ever had. There are players that are much more talneted than Giroux but his vision is something special. When you have players like Gagne and Briere saying thow amazed they are with his playmaking ability and that they had better just keep their stick on the ice when out there with Giroux becasue he'll get it on your stick then I think that's pretty high praise.

This trade really doesn't solve the issues for each team. the only way that Philly comes out ahead in this trade is if the player they pick with the #9 pick turns out to be a great 1st line forward/dman. The Sens would be much better served to hold on to their players and figure on the guy they pick at #9 being a great 1st line forward/damn for them for years to come. It just doesn't make each team better enough for them to part with these assets.

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