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Originally Posted by Champagne Wishes View Post
I think a very good argument can be made for Broten over Weight in an ATD bottom 6/13th forward role. He didn't only play in two more Finals than Weight, he was a crucial player in two of those runs, and more important to both of them than Weight was to the Canes in '06. I want that sort of clutch experience in a role player.

If we're talking about pure offense, then Weight would be the way to go. But unlike Broten, he was only ever a Cup winner in a complementary role.

Further, Broten was the better defensive player. He was a PK mainstay with the Stars as early as '82-'83 and only became a more accomplished two-way player as he got older, whereas according to the data I have (from '02-'03 on), Weight hasn't even averaged a minute per game on the PK.
Broten had 300+ PGA in his career. Weight has 94. So as I said to GBC, saying he's a better defensive player would be more than fair, since he was obviously relied on for penalty killing more than Weight was.

More playoff experience can never be a bad thing. Broten has more. You're also right that he was tremendous on two playoff runs.

I think Weight, despite not having those two extra finals runs, has been individually more consistent in the playoffs. In the super low-scoring playoffs of the past decade, he has the same PPG as Broten did in the high-flying 80s.

(strangely enough, they are both within .01 PPG of eachother in the regular season and playoffs)

Considering the era difference, I'd say Weight has an offensive advantage comparable to the defensive advantage Broten has. Somewhere between marginal and significant. I'd go so far as to say Broten would be an inedequate 2nd line fill-in and Weight would be inadequate on a shutdown line.

Two very similar players in terms of their resumes. I like Weight better. But it all depends on what you want.

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