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05-09-2009, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Candiria92 View Post
There are 2 reasons Flyers fans don't want to do this trade.

2) We are not looking to the future. We want to win now. The 1st and the goalie prospect are incredible value for the future, but for right now not so much. Its basically trading Giroux for Volchenkov. Thats what it comes down to. For next year, and probably the year after that, its Giroux for Volchenkov. We don't want to build for the future we want to add the pieces necessary to be a stronger cup contender next year and the year after and this trade doesn't allow us to do that.
1) I don't support the OP's trade proposal.

2) Ottawa has Spezza, Heatley, Alfie... and there are no 2nd liners (ES 2nd liners/PP 2nd unit players) that I would trade Volchenkov for from the perspective of the piece of **** goaltending we've received from our goalies for the past 2 seasons. So what was your point about Philly going into next season with more offensive depth and worse goaltending?... Because I could have sworn that you just told us that a 50 point player is worth more than the leading shotblocker (per game) in the NHL in front of **** goaltending.

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