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05-09-2009, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by mm6492 View Post
If anyone here watched the Pens/Flyers series, they will see why the Flyers won't do this. Giroux was our best player by far- better then Carter, better then Richards, and better then Gagne.

Giroux is special and is a player a team has to always be afraid of. He plays great 2-way hockey, and his vision is absurd. He see's guys and makes passes that only a slect few can
Yea you really need to watch him play. He is not a Knuble player that crash and bangs and leaves you wondering how he got 30 goals. He has a skill set that very evident, but so what a lot of players have stick handling moves etc that dont work out. The thing he has over those guys is vision/hockey sense. The guy screams it. The true stars in the NHL have it. They know whats going to happen before it does. I think he has even been quoted as saying that he sees the play happen before it starts. Add to that he is a bull dog al la Praise, he never gives up. The biggest knock on him is his size, which will obviously get better.

I can understand people saying that he is getting over valued because he has played 40 games. But you really have to watch him play, you will see what he brings. Kind of like when OV or Crosby has the puck, people get excited when Giroux gets it. Not the same level of expectation, but everyone in stands gets excited, you hear little kids say Giroux has the puck! He is going to be a star, not a superstar, but a star player.

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