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05-09-2009, 11:35 AM
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i thought about trying to explain the on-ice vision I see in Giroux but decided it would be too long. I decided to shorten it to this.

When Forsberg came to Philly I was amazed at his vision. He was paired with Gagne and as good as Gagne is, you could just see that he simply didn't "see" the game on the same level as Forsberg. Forsberg you have to hold the puck and hold the puck and hold the puck until Gagne "saw" the opening that Forsberg was trying to create by drawing the defense to him. Gagne got better at being able to read whe openings that Forsberg was creating but he ALWAYS trailed the play. FORSBERG has exceptional vision. The only one I ever saw a lot of who was better was Gretzky. I was a kid when Orr played so I really can't comment on his vision as it wasn't something I looked for when I was still a kid.

Giroux seems to have vision very similar to that of Forsberg. Giroux just seems to be thinking 2-3 steps ahead of most other people. My son is a Pens fan and I get to see a lot of Crosby. Sid is flat out the best player in the game today but even he doesn't have the vision that Giroux does. Sid doesn't NEED to see things 2-3 step ahead of everyone else, he is so damned talented that he can play in the here and now and just make it up as he goes and STILL be the best player on the ice. On pure natural ability alone he can carry the puck through 2 dmen and either put the puck in the net himself or pass it to an open teammate because everyone is panicing and going to Sid.

I think the major difference between Gretzky and Crosby is the difference in their on ice vision. Sid just doesn't have the vision I saw in Wayne (and neither did Mario). Mario was probably more talented that Wayne (though not by very much) but Wayne just had unreal vision on the ice.

If Crosby had Girouxs on ice vision, my god that would be scary. It's bad enough having to go against a "visionly hampered" Crosby but my god, could you imagine him even better??? Maybe it wouldn't make much difference because right now there are few players in the NHL who AREN'T a step behind Sid but damn I think I'd like to see it even if it were only for 1 day. Personally, if I were the pens I'd offer up anything but Crosby, Malkin and Fleury to get Giroux. Him with Crosby would be scary. Those 2 together, my god I'd hate to have to play against them. I think they'd be laughing at the entire rest of the league scoring would come so easy for them as a pair. You wouldn't need another wing to help out much so I'd add protection in the form of say Donald Brashear. He's actually not a bad player and though he'd be about a billion times below Crosby and Giroux, he could wreck anyone who looked cross-eyed at either of them.

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