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05-09-2009, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
What you should also consider though is what the drafts were projected as. 08, 03, and 01 were all considered very strong drafts heading in. 01 didn't really live up to the hype, 03 far exceeded expectations (as Philly fans know quite well), and 08 looks to be great based on the number of 1st rders who turned pro right out of the draft.

Now look at the players taken in those years vs players in the weak drafts (99 and 00 being way below average years, 07 was considered weak - though I think its proved decent to this point). The 9th pick seems to be a pretty good reflection of that draft year, leading me to believe in a draft of this strength you're probably getting someone pretty good.

OTT doesn't do this deal, but it sounds like neither does Philly (based on situation - win now - rather than value).

This is a very good point. This years #9 pick would be about a #5 or #6 in a typical draft class. Even though the #9 pick this year should be an excellent player, I still think it will be hard for him to surpass Giroux. the Flyers got lucky and found a real diamond in the rough when we drafted Giroux.

Here's the thing that I love about Giroux. He went undrafted in juniors. He wnet to a tryout and was signed as a FA. He really only has 2 natural abilities and that's his vision and his speed. This kid has worked his butt off to prove himself every step of the way. He was constantly being dismissed by others because of his size and what not. I see some people on here saying that him spending the first half of this season was good for him because he got to develop his defensive game while in the AHL. Well, that's just wrong. Go back and read what his coach said about him last year in his last year in juniors. People questioned his defensive play the previous year and Giroux took it upon himself to become better and in his last year in the Q, his coach said he was their best defensive forward. Giroux was their #1 PKer for a forward. In the half season he spent up with the Flyers I never once saw a game where he wasn't the hardest working player on the ice for either team.

This kid always gives everyhting he has when he plays hockey. He's proven himself to be very coachable and a hard worker. He's overcome adversity through hard work. His ceiling continues to go up for that reason.

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