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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
Hockey bag?

Regarding socks --
In addition to the stockings you'll wear over your shin pad I recommend wearing a pair of nylon (or polyester) liner socks on your feet. Cotton socks are horrible -- between the sweat they absorb and the abrasion they're sure to cause a few blisters. Actually, I'm a big fan of nylon/polyester everything -- undershirt, shorts, socks, leggings, etc. The fabric keeps you relatively dry and light.

Otherwise you've got all your gear. You might want to practice dressing -- figure out what to put on first, second, third. . . last. Get a sense of how heavy it all is. Also, give some thought to how you'll pack everything in your bag. There's so much gear to keep track of and to put on. The more consistent your routine the less worry you'll have before a game about whether you remembered to pack something, etc.
I use thin underarmour hockey socks. Definitely an immediate difference in feeling compared to regular white socks used for everyday use.

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