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09-27-2004, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
You don't have to cheat to win. And the players at Penn St. have been getting in more and more trouble of late, so we're not Saint's anymore either.

Penn St. just isn't getting the players that they used to, and that you need to compete at the top level.

When they moved into the Big 10 it was expected to be Michigan, Ohio St. and Penn St.

At this point Purdue and Wisconsin have passed us by, Iowa and Minnesota are at least equals.


How about getting Anthony Morelli and Auston Scott on the field ???

How about being able to stop a big bruising full-back, when Wisconsin had NO passing threat whatsoever.
Hey John. Like I said, I feel your pain. As a fellow alumn it's hard to sit here and watch this program weaken. I'm not denying that it's Paterno's time to go but I respect what he's done enough to allow him to decide when it's his time and I will not deride him for sticking it out.

As far as players getting in trouble: My intention was not to say that Penn State has a team full of saints or that the program is completely clean because from my time there, I know better. The point was that Paterno doesn't let things slide as much as some other coaches do and recruits know this.

I will agree on the Scott and Morelli and I don't have a clue why neither played. The only reason I could thnk of Morelli not playing is not wanting to throw him into that cluster**** of a game.

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