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Originally Posted by Georgia Panther View Post
Brooks speculates today that the Rangers may try to move Gomez but his contract is so onerous that they won't want much back just so they can move his contract. He offers a possible Gomez-Penner swap as an example of two teams unloading undesirable contracts on one another.

If the Rangers were willing to take Olesz even up, would you do that trade? They're signed for the same numbers of years though Olesz makes $4.2 mil less which might make it appealing to the Rangers. While Gomez's $7.3+mil contract is horrendous, if you look at Olesz at a $3.125 cap space hit as a waste and write it off as such, the $4.2 mill difference in the contracts from one viewpoint could be regarded as the additional cap that Gomez would take up and that could be looked at, from that point of view, as his cap number and that may be worth it. Look at it this way, if you could sign Gomez as a UFA for $4.2 mil, wouldn't he be worth it?
I somewhat agree with your thinking but it isn't completely honest because we still take on that huge contract and it ultimately affects the salary cap. The contract is too long. I would do it if it was two years. Maybe if we throw in McLean and Olesz I would consider it but would probably still say no. Horton would benefit from a guy like Gomez. Also, not sure we should be helping out the Rangers and their salary cap problems. We should leave them handicapped by this contract.

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