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05-10-2009, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Parisex9 View Post
so what about curve ? how do i decide what i would there a test or anything?

what does (p35 p36 p37) mean?
no there is no test. you test them your self by trying them out. use your teammates stick until you decide what you like

those numbers are teh different kinds of curves. most have a players name along with tehm example. p3 sakic.

different curves are better for different things. toe curves make your wrist shots easier to get off hte ice, straighter blades are better for passing, but ultimately its all up to preference.

as far as flex, if you are just starting out, like everyone when they started, they arent the best skaters. if you cant flex the stick when you shoot, it really doesnt matter what flex you have.

i like about an 85 or 80. im 6'3 190. thats just what i like. flex is a preference also. you have to try things out to find out what you like but realistically you need to learn how to use these things before you can figure out what you like

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