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05-10-2009, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
they generally make retail flexes in 85-100-110. thats eastons numbers but thats what most people go by. the flex is only talking about the shaft.

if you buy a two piece system, in other words you buy a shaft and blade seperate then insert the blade into the shaft, you have more options.

i have an easton z bubble 85 flex shaft with a sakic. a sakic is a mid curve. so what that means is the curve is more around the middle of the blade. a toe curve is more around the toe and a heel is more by the heel. there are more specifics than that but thats the gist.

when you are buying a retail blade you have to look at a chart like this one

these blades match up with the a players name, or a letter number or both. i.e. sakic p3.

you also have to look at the lie. the lie, going by eastons numbers, on retail blades usually are either 5, 5.5, or 6. the lie is the angle between the blade and shaft. the each BLADE has a different lie. if you stand up straighter when you skate, you migh want a higher lie so that your entire blade is touching the ice, not just the toe or the heel. if you lean over more when you skate, you might want a lower lie.

the way to tell what lie you need is look at teh tape on your blade. if it more worn on by the toe you might want a higher lie, and vice versa. if the tape is wearing evenly then you probably have the right lie.

alright i think i got the idea of what kind i want, now any suggestions for the actualy stick i shuld start out with? someone said a reebok 4k, that a good choice?

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