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05-11-2009, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by blackcoffee View Post
Your homerism is blatantly pathetic. Yes, you are correct that Fisher has never had an offensive season that was as successful as Poni's 61 pts. Don't you realize that the exact numbers that you used are a discredit to your own point?

And Horcoff's offensive game is so vastly superior to Fisher's that you are again correct that it is an unfair comparison. Horc's breakout season was 73 pts. So far Fisher's best is 48 pts. Horc's best pro-rated season was last year at 77 pts. Fisher's best pro-rated season was 58 pts. In both situations you are talking about a 20 pt difference!

I actually like Fisher a lot, but to paint him as an offensive player that is on par with Horcoff, or even Poni, is just wrong. He is a good two way forward. He just doesn't have the skills or the numbers to back up the argument that he is/can be an offensive player.
What skills are those compared to Horcoff?
Who has Horcoff been playing with compared to Fisher? What PP unit and what players has Horcoff been playing with compared to Fisher? Might that have an affect on their stats?
What happened at the WHC when they were on the same line?

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