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Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post
I think you misunderstood him Devil.
He said "His team lead the league in goals for"

Meaning the devils were the highest scoring team in the league that year(By a pretty good margin over the other 100+ point teams). I think he was implying that the devils had exceptional depth at every position with 3 solid scoring lines + one of the best shutdown lines in the league, terrific defense and Brodeur.

In retrospect, at the time, they seemed to penalize goalies for playing on high scoring teams at the time. Hasek had a fantastic season in 2001-02(65GP, 41W, 15L, 8T, 2.17GAA, 91.5% 5 SO), but did not get many Vezina votes, etc

I think that is what the poster was getting at.
Oh yes. My 3AM reading comprehension apparently isn't what it used to be. I think it was a case of the 2000-01 Devils being an incredible team and the voters wanting to give someone Hart Credit. I noticed Brodeur, Stevens, and Elias all getting a small but significant number of votes.

As for Hasek in 2001-02, his numbers took a big dip when he moved to Detroit (other than wins obviously). He suffered from what Brodeur suffered from earlier in his career - being a a great team where he didn't need to be great.

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