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05-11-2009, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
Starbucks coffee is disgusting. I only get the fancy drinks there. It's hard to **** up espresso beans.
Strawberry Frap or Caramel Macciato (sp?) are both good drinks. not worth the price though.

Originally Posted by DeadPhish5858 View Post
Wawa is my favorite coffee followed closely by Starbucks. Most people don't like Starbucks but the stronger the better for me. And I hate Dunkin Donuts is the worst.
WaWa is good, I have no problem drinking it everyday, but Starbucks has that weird burnt taste and I hate it. Dunkin Donuts with cream and sugar is very tasty. However, you can't over do it with Dunkin Donuts, it is like eating M&M's, it just gets old quick.

McDonalds and their McCafe is weird. I tried a cappuccino and it tasted like **** but their Iced Mocha was VERY good.

Originally Posted by FireStevensDotCom View Post
they dont have wawa's up here so i dont know, but they do have starbucks and it sucks. Starbucks is more expensive and it tastes like filtered mud.
Starbucks coffee is sooo bad. Just because something is expensive and comes from an exotic place, doesnt mean it is still good if you burn the **** out of it.

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