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09-28-2004, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
it is small. Jersey plays in the shadow of New York despite being the far better team for 7 seasons, and the Isles still have a following, and down the pike are the Flyers fans who are die-hard. So what's left for New Jersey? A smallish market, albeit one that can afford the ticket prices.

Anaheim and Phoenix are in areas that just don't care about hockey. Heck, Sourthern California drove out two NFL franchises, basically.
I disagree. The size of the "market" is not to be deterimined by wether or not you are drawing fans. Jersey is NOT a small market. The market is big enough. They just happen to play (and always have) in an area that they will never draw enough fans. They are a prime example of a team that should relocate.
Anaheim is owned by Disney and plays in the 2nd biggest media market in America. Again, becuase your fans do not care and ownership CHOOSES to have a small payroll, does not make you a small-market team. Ditto for Arizona.

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