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09-28-2004, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by aj
OK, I was kidding about the Rangers thing, but obviously in certain markets the demand is there, so what's to stop them from inflating prices to even more insane levels?

I want to see a solution that means I can actually afford to go to games without having to not eat for a week or two.

Explain to me how your solution benefits a fan like me, and I might be more supportive.
Well since you are a canadien exiled in England how often do you get to a game anyhow? I don't thinking ticket prices will drop though I do know of three teams that have reduced their overall season ticket prices by over 11% already (Dallas, Pittsburgh and Washington) but for sure the ticket prices for most organizations will not rise unless the demand is there. If thats the case then good for them but it shouldn't give them the advantage of buying stars from the teams that can't compete revenue wise.

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