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09-28-2004, 02:48 PM
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I think what you have is different people providing ratings to players and they do their best to conform to some sort of uniformity. Why might a guy like Parise (who I thought was in college not in junios so I didn't understand the comparison) be ranked higher than Dawes? One would be they're ranked by different people who feel differently about each prospect. The other is Dawes, while a very good juniors scorer is small, and thus flawed. Many have doubts for a guy who's 5'8. Yeah, look at St. Louis, and others, but the percentage of players under 5'10 is quite low and he still has to defy certain odds. Look at Don Biggs...scored 135 points for Binghamton at 27 years old and not once did he get a call-up that season, or any season afterwards (he was 5'8)

Wiseman...some may feel that despite his good AHL numbers, he may just be an AHL vet. That sometimes happens when you're drafted so late; you have a bigger hill to climb unless you really wow people (he does have that chance to do that this season, but many don't want to make that bet).

It is flawed, but there isn't a ranking system out there that isn't. Heck, do you think anybody, any professional, had Blake Wheeler rated so high?

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