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05-12-2009, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Definitionally it's not the entire world, but it's beside the point. For example, we wouldn't trade Pietrangelo for Hodgson straight up. If Pietrangelo is the best, second best or third best prospect it really doesn't matter. It's about an elite prospect for a player who you could lose for nothing in a year.

If I didn't disagree with the people who are ready to dump him, I wouldn't make the offer. By saying "EJ," you're essentially saying "Luongo is still untouchable." Which is fair and fine if true.

Now, and this is interesting, as Blues and Canucks fans who've observed many years of playoff failure and are honed in on "clutchness" as a premier value, you can't disagree that tonight is Not Good for Luongo. It definitely diminishes him, whether you're his biggest fan or not. That was a textbook meltdown. You lead a must win game with 7min to play, you gotta win, not let in 3 goals over that span. It makes you wonder whether he's more Price than Ward. Whether or not he's inconsistent. I wouldn't give up EJ to get him when EJ is cheaper and whose rights are controlled in the new NHL for many more years.

(In actuality, we'd have to do something like Pietrangelo, McKee's final year and the 16th/17th overall pick this year or next, just money wise.)

Unless, of course, Schneider isn't all that?
it would be an interesting offer and one to consider but I think a team like Philly will blow that offer out of the water if Luongo is on the Trade Block.

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