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05-12-2009, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
No, a first is borderline not enough. Harding is a former high 2nd rounder that's developed, ready, and has been highly successful at every level so far. Are you telling me that an unproven, not ready, no-guarantee-at-all late 1st rounder is worth more than a ready, proven, high 2nd rounder AND a 4th?
Do you have a plexiglass window installed into your stomach so you can see where you are going with your head this far up your butt? By your jacked up logic, we are sending over a 7th overall pick that has developed into a 50 point forward, so you guys should send Harding (2nd rounder) and Johnsson (last guy in his draft year) back our way.

Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Last year Harding gave up 8 goals against Dallas and his coach thought he played a good game. Chew on that.
So wait, you're trying to sell me on Harding for a 1st by telling me about a game where he let in eight goals?

Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Very fair for Philly. You should be jumping all over a goalie of Harding's caliber AND a draft pick for a low first.
A goalie that started 11 games last year? A goalie so good you felt the need to pay Backstrom 6 million a year to start for you instead of letting the apparently-awesome-high-draft-pick-new-guy take over and trading Backstrom for some offense? A goalie you have no intention of resigning? I like Harding and I think he could be a good starter in this league, but let's be serious about his current value.

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