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05-12-2009, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by TBLightningFan View Post
As part of getting in shape... I started playing hockey as I always wanted to. I lost a bunch of weight before and I probably lost 30 since I got my skates. This is causing my skates to have a slightly bigger fit than in the past. As you could imagine, that does not help when learning to skate (especially backwards).

Is there anything any one can recommend for tightening up the fit a little bit? I am going to get a lace puller so I can get them as snug as I can. I am going to try thicker socks, but I do like having the thin socks better. I also hear doubling up socks is a bad idea too.

It sucks because they fit so well when I got them, they still generally feel good... just getting loose to the point of some annoyance.
See how tight you can get them by lacing them up. If it's still bad, try wearing an athletic sock, as they're slightly thicker than the thin nylon socks that a lot of players wear. If they still don't feel snug then you'll just have to part ways with them. Your skates and your helmet are the two pieces of equipment that you DO NOT want to cut corners on!

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