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05-12-2009, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by WickedWrister View Post
Hi, just got a $100 gift card to my local hockey shop. I already have an Easton Sc2 Forsberg Senior, but I had to cut it down a lot and the flex is way over 100. Plus, I wasn't a big fan of that particular blade, not open enough or a big enough curve. Here are some things I'm looking for in a new stick, maybe you experts can help.
Intermediate Stick. I'm a smaller guy and would probably have to cut down the intermediate stick an inch to get it at the proper spot for me. That's why a 65 flex would be great for me, considering I'm 145 lbs.

The Forsberg stick I'm using now always wears down on the heel of the blade, so I take that to mean I need a lower lie. Problem is, it's a lie of 5 and I can't find anything lower. I guess that means I like to carry the puck out far in front of me or I have a serious skating flaw lol.

Blade Pattern- I don't really know a lot about this, and wanted your guys opinion. I felt that the Forsberg pattern I had was too closed and too straight, not letting me get the most out of my shot. I'm looking for something a little more open, with more curve on it.

Sorry for the long post and If you're still reading I appreciate it. I know it's a tall task but if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.
forsberg curves suck. imo, if you need a lower lie then a 5, i would adjust your skating a bit. im sure it works for some guys, like pros, but its kind of unorthodox imo. keep yout back straighter would be my advice.

i really like the sakic curve. its a mid, open, buts its a 5.5 lie.

lets look at the 5 lie blades since i think anything higher you probably wont like

n easton, you could try a heatly. its a bit like the forsberg but more open and a bit deeper curve

warriors lie's run a bit different, im exactly sure the conversion but i think a 5 lie is like in between a 5 and 5.5 from eastons. i could be wrong so please if anyone knows correct me

that being said, the robitaille is a warrior 4.5 lie, it is a heel curve, i think its more closed though

the smyth may be a bit drastic change from the forsberg. its a big toe curve

in bauer, the gagne curve might be something you like. its open and its a deeper mi curve than the forsberg

imo, i think you might like the gagne the best, then the heatley, then the robitaille.

personally, i skate up more so i like the sakic, or weight curves

the diameter of the intermediate sticks is smaller than the seniors so it will feel different in your hands than the senior

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