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09-28-2004, 08:08 PM
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very good list.

but, i dont think immonen is gonna be a second line player for nyr, let alone probably ever be seen. i see the likes of prucha and dawes ahed of him. and also many times when line threads were being made i stated that murray could be used on the second line as a left winger, glad to see atleast Hf has similar opinions on him.
am also very excired to see dwight helminen get going will be an excellent pker and defensive specialist, you never know NYR could get a similar type player like john madden.wont go on about every prospect but im most looking foward to seeing these players( prospects ) get going in NYR uniforms.......

1- Garth Murray ( the new ADAM GRAVES of NY, not saying he will be what graves was but will bring the same leadershp on the ice as the GREAT GRAVES did and just be a great presence for the club the guy will be the future captain or assistant, imo )
2- Thomas Pock ( # 3 guy no lower than 4 can play defense as well as offense, but is more talentedoffensively , really like him )
3- Fedor Tyutin ( #2 guy what more to say will be great defensively and very good offensively and can use the body )
4- Dwight Helminen ( still needs work, but i see him as a NYR's John Madden which is great)
5- Bruce Graham ( needs to get a bit more physical, and pick up some offensive skills)

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