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05-12-2009, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfrk View Post
Okay, I get everything else about stick buying, but when it comes to curves I get a little confused. Reading the stick buyers guide and some sites doesn't really help me so let me ask a few questions:

1. Curve type, what does it actually mean? Like what is the difference between Mid, Heel, Mid-Toe, etc.? Is that where it is the most curved or what?

2. What is curve depth? I can't really tell the difference looking at blade charts on hockey monkey, but is curve depth basically how far in it is curved or how much curve there is?

3. Is curve size basically as it reads?

And how does each effect a shot if it does?
Sorry if my questions are noobish, but thanks in advance
This is one of those things that is better explained in person when you can show them the blade.

1. Mid, Heel, Toe-heel describes where the curve starts.

2. Curve depth is sort of the amount of curve. It is measured by drawing a straight line from the curve point to the toe of the stick then if you drew a line from the blade face to the imaginary straight line you have the curve depth.

Your going to need to experiment with different curves to figure out what works for you in that you can say generally something is going to happen in regard to curves but everyone is different so who knows.

First open faces tend to raise the shot, think pitching wedge in golf. Second flat blades or ones that lack curves tend to give you better back hand play while reducing your ability to receive passes and take shots on the forehand. This is because the curve actually creates puck spin, which among other things allows for greater control and maybe more speed on your shot, obviously the more the blade is curved the more spin your going to get.

Don't kill me if I'm wrong in a lifetime of playing hockey I just experimented until I found what worked for my game, I imagine someone like TBLfan would be able to give you a much better explanation.

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