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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
My good friend in high school was the goalie on our team, and she used to show me her bruises. I got them just from being tapped during a game or practice. I'm not sure if you or anyone else on here has ever felt a lacrosse ball before. ****'s heavy as ****, and I can't imagine any normal person wanting to be continuously pelted with that thing. I remember getting hit in the shin on a bounce, not even on a throw and I had a black and blue mark for about 2 or 3 weeks.
I took a Lacrosse ball to the chest during a simple catch and it wasn't even thrown hard. It hurt like a mother. If it hit lower, it could have easily knocked the air out of me.

Yeah, I can't explain why she would want to subject herself to such torture. But hey, shortly after that she dated me, so she must be a glutton for punishment.

She used to say her least favorite part was actually going through warm-ups and sprints in full gear. That would certainly suck.

Originally Posted by Hollywood Hamels View Post
So i heard today in class that their was a Sonic being built/built already in south jersey on 38. Is this true? and if so where on 38? Those damn commercials make you want to go there so bad.
Sonic is awesome. I was only at one once. Those commercials are on all the time and I have never seen one nearby. I hit one up in Maryland when I was down there.

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