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09-28-2004, 07:30 PM
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HF's top 20 prospects compared to which current NHL players??

Here are some comparisons i made not everyone is filled out as i couldnt find people to match, what do u guys think and who would some comparisons go to and why do u compare them to certain prospects?
these are all just early comparisons, this is what these players could be if they live up to all there top potential, this is not who they will definitly be like, but like i said if they reach their ceilings...... dont need any one here getting crazy over a list.

New York Rangers Prospect
1. Fedor Tjutin, D - ( Mattias Ohlund)
2. Alvaro Montoya, G -( maybe like marty turco which i dont think is something to be to excited about )
3. Jozef Balej, RW - (Patrick Elias or Radek Dvorak)
4. Hugh Jessiman, RW - ( John Leclair or Eric Daze , i would say more Daze)
5. Henrik Lundqvist, G - ( Mika Norronen or Pasi Nurminen )
6. Lauri Korpikoski, LW - ???????
7. Thomas Pock, D -( Adrian Aucoin , who is an excellent 2 way player and gifted offensively , just dont think he has that bit of nastiness that aucoin doe have )
8. Garth Murray, C - ( Darren MCarty and Tootoo<~ play similar games even though tootoo is still a rookie)
9. Jarkko Immonen, C - ??????
10. Maxim Kondratiev, D - ( Danny Markov of Philly, or any solid stay at home d-man)
11. Nigel Dawes, LW - ( Brian Gionta)
12. Bryce Lampman, D - ??????
13. Petr Prucha, C - ( P. Sykora / P. Elias )
14. Dwight Helminen, C - ( John Madden, that may be to high but than again anything is possible )
15. Marcus Jonasen, LW - ?????
16. David Liffiton, D - ( Jassen Cullimore just a bit more offensive )
17. Darin Olver, C - ( Mike York ,????, i guess i dont really know
18. Bruce Graham, C - ( keith Primeau if he can ge t a bit of a physical game going )
19. Jake Taylor, D - ( Mark Tinordi of washington, he is retired for those who dont know)
20. Ivan Baranka, D - ???????

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