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09-28-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by in the hall
Is it possible for you to go without mentioning you were a writer here? The other former writers do not mention it in every thread discussing this and given their time here you'd think they would be more entitled. I only pick on this post because it always sticks out.

I have a question for all writers, former etc, What kind of access do the majority have to these prospects they are rating? I am also curious how some writers who are fairly young have this type of access especially to those prospects overseas.

This does not lessen the value of the ratings for me since most of the research done and information given would be more then I am capable of finding and knowing without HF.
I will answer this one. For one, I have a dish, which gives me access to a multitude of games. Everything from CHL, AHL, NCAA, NHL, and any international tourney that is televised.

I travel extensively with my work, so that, although I am based in Alberta, I can see a lot of games on the road, and I have been live to a couple of Wolfpack games. (One in that nice little arena in Worcester, MA. ). I make it a point to know every possible game that is within a few hours drive in case I want to go,(For example I knew that the USNTDP was playing in Ann Arbor and Cleveland on Friday and Saturday this past weekend) and you should know that we get media credentials when requested.(As I did in Chicago for the USHL)

When there is a training camp or something of value to go to, we as a generality go. I know for a fact that Aaron Vickers (CGY) and Guy Flaming (EDM) were both at the Canadian team Junior national camp in August.

So in effect, we aren't a bunch of kids. The average age of the writers is now about 25-26 (any other writer can help out on this, but I think that is what Holly said.) and about 60-70% have some sort of writing training or experience coming through the door.

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