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05-12-2009, 05:59 PM
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Wow, so your offensive players weren't your problem and Luongo STILL couldn't advance you past the 2nd round??? All anyone wants to talk about here is how the Flyers defense needs improving. If that's the case then why would Luongo be the answer here??? Is the Flyers defense heads and tails above Vanc's??? Does Luongo need an elite defense in front of him to go along with a very good offense in front of him to have a chance of winning??? That's basically what you are saying. If Vanc isn't a terrible team in front of him then, if he's as great as everyone makes him out to be, he should be able to carry them to playoffs success, something he has yet to do. The fact is that Luongo has shown that he CAN'T carry a team on his back in the manor of a Brodeur or Roy.
I can see you're in love with the straw man argument. There's too much to pick out here and apparently no one cared about what you said, so I'll keep it short. There is no such thing as one man carrying a team to the Stanley Cup. The Colorado Avalanche and the New Jersey Devils won their respective Stanley Cups with Roy and Brodeur in net, it wasn't a solo effort.

It is not Luongo's fault we lost the series against Chicago. He had one bad game, and suddenly all of our worst fans come out here demanding a trade. Some people say this proves he is a choker because ofc why would this have to happen in Game 6 when we're facing elimination. But that's retarded. Every single game in the playoffs counts. Luongo played awesome in Games 1, 2, 3 and 4 and was pretty good in Game 5, and even had some great moments in Game 6 (save off Havlat's breakaway? ).

Does Luongo need an elite offense and defense to win? Uh, what team doesn't need a good offense and defense to win, and an even better one to win the Stanley Cup. What the Canucks definitely need is to be more coordinated and to work on tightening up their defensive game again. Luongo could do with a massage perhaps and some hard off-season training but he's still a fantastic goalie, and an asset the Canucks really don't need to consider trading at this point.

Anyone putting off Luongo as a great goal-tender at this point needs to put down the pipe and chill the **** out. There's no doubt he's a fantastic goaltender. He has a long career ahead of him and whether he's with the Canucks or on another team he'll find success. It just wasn't this year

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