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05-12-2009, 10:55 PM
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Past Caps Dmen substitution game for current playoff roster..

If you had a chance to substitute up to three current playoff dmen on our team now, for players in the Cap's past, who would it be?

Left out Langway because he was an easy given.


Ken Klee
Sylvian Cote
Calle Johansson
Joe Reekie
Mark Tinordi
Kevin Hatcher
Al Iafrate
(Insert any honorable past Caps dman here)

Here are my candidates:

Subouts: Pothier, Morrison, and Sloan.

Subins and why:

Mark Tinordi- The guy rocks. He plays mean tough hockey and the big man can clear the crease. We need to clone him.

Al Iafrate- The man had a rocket of a shot from the point and he was big and mean. He could score and provide that scoring from the d which we need now to help our forwards. What opposing dman would dare try to lay in front of that shot?

Calle Johannson- He is one heady smart dman, dependable in his prime.

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