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05-13-2009, 03:04 PM
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Tor - Philly trade

I have a feeling that we will see this deal (or something very close to it) happening before this years draft:

To Tor: Philly 1st (21st right now with chance to be 19th), Matt Carle, defensive prospect Bourdon

To Philly: Kaberle, one of the 2nds Tor picked up in trades

This deal is essentially 2 seperate deals. The first is Kabs for the 1st and bourdon. I understand that Burke didn't get offered enough at the trade deadline but this might be more than he got then and it might be enough for him to move Kabs. If Tor waits to trade him and get a 1st in next years draft then the pick would have to be around the 12th overall to get about the same quality player you'll be getting at around #20 this year. Bourdon is a quality prospect, not blue chip but still a quality prospect that improved his value in juniors this past season.

The second mini trade is Carle for a 2nd. He a pretty decent 2nd pairing offensive dman who is still young and improving. The Flyers have to send back nearly equal salary to Tor with what we are taking on in Kabs and Carle makes the most sense. A 2nd is probably low end value for Carle but I think Holmgren would do it.

Why this makes sense: For the Flyers, our GM has said that an upgrade at defense is his primary objective for this season. I think he'd love to land J-Bo but I don't think they will get Briere to waive his NMC to let us clear the cap space to make it realistic. Kaberle would be a great alternative and he'd give us 2 top quality defensive pairing for the next 2 seasons. Sbisa should be about ready to take over once Kabs contract expires so it seems like smart asset management to me.

For Toronto, it's not the top topic that has centered around Burke for the off-season but it's still one that I think he's pursuing, moving Kaberle. I think a mid 1st and a quality prospect is about as good as he's going to get in an offer for Kaberle and I think this might be enough to get him to jump. Add to it that he gets a young dman in Carle whom he can evaluate for a few years to see if he could be part of the Leafs long term future and I think Burke does it. This also gives Burke a 2nd pick in the 1st rnd, another quality prospect and a young dman whom he can add part or all of to sweeten the pot to try and move up into the top 3 without giving up Schenn. The 7th + 20th + Bourdon would look very enticing to a team in the top 3.

Honestly, I'd like to see the Flyers just be patient with Carle and keep our pick but I wouldn't be too terribly upset if we upgraded him to Kaberle fo 2 years. I don't suspect that the fans of either team would be too happy with this deal but it just seems to make logical sense to me with Burke and Holmgren be sorta friends from what I've heard. I'm not implying that their frinedship will play a factor in 1 side getting special treatment bu I think it will keep the phone lines open longer and they will be more willing to try and meet a deal that works for both sides, unlike what they may put up with from another GM they don't know as well.

Anyways, flame away.

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