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09-29-2004, 11:20 AM
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The comparison between Dawes & Parise

Originally Posted by Reveille
I was doing their job, thank you very much. Why don't you do some research before you come and accuse me of speaking out of my ass. I wrote here for a bit over a year before I was "cut" from the writers without ever recieving an explanation.

And no. He's not better than an 8.5C. Maybe an 8B. Nothing more. Sorry. That's still saying he's a first liner. But I don't see him as a sure thing for a perrineal all star.

Having some players so completely off base DOES take some of the value away from the site. Dawes was originally something like a 6C. Do you think he barely has the potential to reach the 3rd line? If you do, you've never seen him most likely.

I HAVE done the job here before. SO don't sit there and try to berate me saying I don't know what I'm talking about.

Thank you.

is a legimate one. The WJC is a perfect example. They played against the same competition. Who had the better tournament?
Dawes has back to back 40+ goal seasons in the very physical WHL, is chosen as the WHL preseason MVP pick. Parise played college had a Umberger type year, gets drafted by the devils and he automatically becomes the next great thing. Keep in mind that Parise is all of 2 inches bigger. Parise played in an environment where there is a lot less board work, more dump and chase. I would say that Dawes is more suited for the pro game than Parise is. Yet dawes is viewed as a long short and Parise is a super star in the making. The fact is that they both are about the same type of player. Dawes has been continually discounted and does not get the respect that he has earned.