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05-13-2009, 08:39 PM
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I just have the puck going the same speed I am and have it in my wheelhouse. It is almost the same as standing still but more ahead of me than if I were standing still.

I can't prove it here by typing but I have a seriously good slapshot and break plexi a small amount of times a year. I've had many compliments over the years from people asking how I shoot like that from both regular folk and college players. My other shots are average but whatever lolz.

The real trick to shooting a slapper on the fly is to be looking at where you are aiming while shooting. if you practice what I said above the puck by habit will be in the same place everytime you shoot so you do not have to look at the puck when shooting.

Just practice the same thing over and over again and DON'T use your most powerful windup. Work on the mechanics first and get it to not flop around when shooting it or whatever trouble you were having. You don't have to kill the puck until you have perfected the followthrough.

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