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09-30-2004, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRangers
I bet you never said Brendl or Lundmark would be top scorers. Cloutier would be our goalie for the next 10 years, Kloucek would be the next Buekaboom etc.

What did Tyutin do / has done to warrant him to be the next #1 D man? Who else would have been #1 on his jnr team? The #2 guy was Kondratiev for a while, it juniors. Who was better than him on the Pack? Nobody, yet they didnt have great players on defense. Hes an all around good player, but not someone you build your defense around. Hes no Pronger, Chara, Neidermayer, Gonchar, Leetch, etc. He didnt even hit that much if at all when Ive seen him yet he wasnt a PP QB either, hes not the intimidating player than a number one should be. Hes not a franchise defensemen. You can put him in that mold when hes proven little, but I wont. But I dont think he will even ever be in that caliber. Either way, there is no way you can, with no doubt, add a franchise defensemen / number one defensemen tag on him right now. Or any other player, check my archives thread, people have been burned many times being too optomistic.
Yeah I bet, the fact alone you are assuming things just says it all. You should quit before you end up looking worse then you already do. What is ironic about all this, I am generally bringing expectations down on all this now I have to hear this garbage from you. I don't know what your archives thread is all about but I am fairly certain I am not in it, so no I have not been burned.

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