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09-30-2004, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by RGF
Taylor will make it fletch, no prospect has shown his raw strength and ability to grapple guys and smother plays....his skating will get better, it already has, if u look closely over this past summer.

hes in as a 5/6 guy for sure, he has a better chance than lampman, lampman is good but hey if your 26 27 and the nhl is out for a yr and you havent solidified yourself, you wontmake it with the kids we have coming. and paiemont, please
First off, I'd suggest that both Guenin and Liffiton have shown the same kind of "raw strength" as Taylor has, and both are more polished (and more experienced) players at this stage of their careers. While Taylor improved in his first (and only year) of college, he still is very raw and is known less for his "grappling" and more for his "going out of his way to hit people".

Taylor isn't the fastest player on the ice and that's where I wonder whether he might be just another Jeff State...he has plenty of potential to be a 5th/6th guy in my opinion, but he's so far off at this stage I think the odds are against him. At any rate the way the league is going you have to wonder whether there'll even be a place for his type in a few years.

IMO Guenin is a far more polished version (and still has a ways to go) of nickname of "Nasty" is appropriate and he provides more in his game than Taylor does. Liffiton too appears to be a better prospect at this stage of his career and doesn't turn 19 until next month.

As for Lampman...he only just turned 22, so I think he's still got time to improve...of the lot he has the best positioning and agility, I just wonder whether he'll have NHL strength.

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