Thread: Speculation: Luongo to Flyers?
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05-15-2009, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
You also forgot Drury, etc.

Problem with Briere is he still earns his money. Despite injury issues this past season he's a PPG forward since the lockout. He's not that old now. He may be up there when his deal ends, but currently he still earns his contract. Most of the list you made up doesn't...

In fact the worst contract on the Flyers is not Briere, Lupul, Carle, or any of the players that play up to their's Randy Jones and it's not even close.
You know NOTHING about the NHL. You just follow other people's opinions like a blind man caught in a parade.

So pathetic.

If the Flyers didn't have Richards or Carter, Briere would be the best thing to happen to this team since the lockout, $6.5m or not. Argue that about anyone else on your little list.

Randy Jones with 1 year remaining at $2.75mil is the worst contract on the Flyers and 'it's not even close'?

You're totally oblivious to the financial side of the NHL. Just a little hint, it's the '10-11 season where the cap is expected to be affected by the sagging economy. And yes, Randy Jones will be an unrestricted free agent at that time.

I'd like to see 1 single Flyer fan come on here and back up your sentiments that Randy Jones is a bigger financial concern than Daniel Briere. After nobody corroborate's your opinion, take that as proof you're out to lunch.

Still waiting for that list of 10 players that will be harder to move than Daniel Briere. Good luck.

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