Thread: Speculation: Luongo to Flyers?
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05-15-2009, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
Since it's such an "ridiculous" argument then how about this:

Let's say Richards panned out, but Carter never did. In fact let's say we traded Carter at the deadline last season. Now down the middle instead of Richards - Carter - Giroux we have Richards - Briere - Giroux. We wouldn't have Carter's contract on our hands and would be PERFECTLY fine with Briere's contract. Carter's emergence has made Briere a luxury to this team that would like to spend his money elsewhere to fill holes. If Carter was traded to fill those holes last offseason Briere would be a far more important part of the team and we wouldn't even be considering trading him.
But they did pan out and carter wasn't traded last season. You can argue an endless stream of what if's if you want, none of them are relevant because none of them actually happened. Fact of the matter is that philidelphia will be stuck with briere as their 3rd line centre at 6.5million/year long past his prime.

Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
Theodore lost his job to a rookie because he wasn't PERFORMING. Isn't that what I ****ing said? Players making money they're not earning...

Briere was injured yes, but he performed when he was 100% after coming back just as we expected him to.
I'm not a big fan of Theodore but he did have a respectable second half and he only turned in one bad game in the playoffs, we never got to see any more.

.919 sv% in January, .906 sv% in febuary and .909 sv% in march. Not exactly the stuff of an elite goaltender but I'd definately consider that preforming.

Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
You should quit hockey as a hobby and look into arts and crafts...that might hurt your head a little less.
Yes, attack the person and not the arguement. Brilliant strategy.

Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
Oh, and also...since you clearly know nothing about the Flyers or Briere I'll let you in on this little secret: he plays winger now. And just because he's playing with Giroux on the 3rd line doesn't change anything. It's for chemistry and nothing else. Sounds more like you're jealous that the Flyers can skate three legitimate scoring lines and your team can't. Without Briere we can't do that so please don't spread your incompetence anymore. Just go find a nice hole to crawl in.
3rd line centre vs. 3rd line RW makes a HUGE difference.

I'm fine with my team as is, thanks.

PS: When is the flyers next playoff game? With all that offence surely they're still in the playoffs, right? I'd love to see them tear it up sometime!

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