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05-16-2009, 06:47 AM
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Forget trying to look at past trades that have gone down.... no 2 players are the same and no 2 cap situations are the same. Kaberle's value has to be justified based on his value to the leafs.

Kaberle can be a #1 defenceman for us long term if RW knew how to use him. His play problably isn't on the way down because he's a defenceman who uses his brains instead of body like Lidstrom, he just had a terrible year. Considering that he has been a lifetime leaf, there's problably a good chance that we could extend his contract to create a lifetime deal (like 8 year contract or something) with a great cap hit.

However, the leafs have more pressing needs; being for an entire top line. In order to justify trading Kaberle, the Leafs need a young player or prospect with the potential to be our franchise forward and a pretty good likelyhood of at least being a 1st line player. In addition to that we need insurance in the form of a 2nd asset with high end potential to cover for the fact that the chances of actually reaching that potential are far from 100%.... this could come in the form of a sub-15ish first round pick or another prospect/player. Finally, it may make sense to take on a slight salary dump, but also a player who might be able to help us.

What this means in practicality....

If Philly wants Kaberle, its JvR + upgrade from our #45 pick to their #20 pick
If Columbus wants Kaberle, its Voracek or Filatov + upgrade from our #45 pick (& a another 2nd rounder) to their #15 pick
If Tampa wants Kaberle, its the 2nd overall.

#1 defenceman for #1 forward.... simple as that.

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