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09-30-2004, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
To be honest with you, I've seen him a number of times last year, and as freshman I thought he did fairly well. I think his agility, foot movement could be upgraded, which with our organizations $ should be taken care of. I think it is lateral agility that a lot of people see that makes them think he is slow. I disagree. After watching him I see a young, raw Buekeboom in him. People fail to remember how truly raw Buek was. Taylor is the kind of dman that will take a few years to mature. Think Islanders, think Brewer.
I am going to post a post from a different sport on defensive players and why people make the mistake in evaluating defensive players.
I too saw him probably 15 or 16 times, and would agree about his lateral movement (turning radius too?) as being his biggest weakness right now rather than his straight ahead speed.

On the Beukeboom comparison, I'd counter with seems to me that the NHL today is perhaps not as suitable for his type of player. Forwards have better bursts of speed and although strength is an important asset and will only continue to be, agility is also of equal if not more importance. In fact, with Bettman's focus on removing many of the physical aspects of the game, I wonder if getting physically active defensemen will ever be a positive again.

For me the "next Beukeboom" is more about fondness for what was and what worked...I tend to believe the game has changed and that Beukeboom would not have the same success today.

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