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05-16-2009, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
Link to: European Preliminary Rankings

Finland Skaters:
1. F -91 NÄTTINEN Joonas, Blues
2. D -91 VATANEN Sami, Jyp
3. F -91 RAJALA Toni, Ilves
4. D -90 NÄKYVÄ Kristian, Blues
5. F -90 JORMAKKA Pekka, JYP
6. F -89 SALLINEN Tomi, Blues
7. F -90 SALLINEN Jere, Blues
8. D -91 RISSANEN Rasmus, Kalpa
9. F -90 RASK Joonas, Ilves
10. D -90 ERONEN Teemu, Jokerit
11. F -90 HELENIUS Jani, Jokerit
12. F -90 BLOMQVIST Sami, Blues
13. D -90 VIDGREN Tony, Lukko
14. D -89 JYRKKIÖ Jesse, Ässät
15. F -91 PAKARINEN Iiro, Kalpa
16. D -91 MANELIUS Nico, Jokerit
18. F -91 LAAKSONEN Jere, Lukko
19. F -91 TALBERG Teemu, HIFK
20. F -89 ROPPO Antti, Ilves
21. F -90 PITKÄNEN Ilmari, Jokerit
22. F -91 TERVONEN Sami, Jokerit
23. D -90 VITTASMÄKI Veli-Matti, TPS
24. F -91 KUMPULAINEN Janne, JYP
25. F -90 MYTTYNEN Matias, Ilves

Finland Goalies:
1. -88 KOSKINEN Mikko, Blues
2. -91 ORTIO Joni, TPS
3. -89 RAANTA Antti, Lukko
4. -91 TUOHIMAA Frans, HIFK
5. -91 HAKONEN Matti, Kalpa


Link to: Western Hockey League Preliminary Rankings

WHL Skaters:
7. D -91 KIVISTÖ Tommi, Red Deer Rebels


Link to: Players to Watch for 2008

Erik Haula is ranked among US High School West list as an A rating player. That means that he's a must see player who is predicted to be a potential First or Second Round Draft selection in the upcoming NHL entry draft.
Just came across this and thought it would be interesting to re-visit - both for whom is not included that should be - but also as to who has either dropped or risen in the eyes of scouts.

Goaltenders - Seems to be fairly similar to the end of the year rankings - only notable thing to me is the absence of Suomalainen and Rinne, who are included in CSB's final rankings. Tuohimaa and Hakonen were not included on the CBS rankings, for what it's worth. Three other goalies I'd be curious about are SaiPa's Jani Sihvonen ('91), Ilves' Niko Sulkanen ('90) and Juuso Oinonen ('88) of Jokipojat. Obviously, Oinonen did not have a great two years in Helsinki with HIFK but it seems he rebounded nicely after returning to his home club in Joensuu - admittedly, Mestis and Division I are not the same as the SM-Liiga.

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