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05-16-2009, 10:03 AM
Tony Piscotta
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Easier to break this into two posts rather than scrollin up and down..

With regards to defensemen, I'd be curious as to why Nico Manelius was so low on this list - assuming it was prior to him injuring his knee. It seems that Vatanen if anything has improved his reputation and was already the top rated defender. On the flip side, would it be fair to say that Rissanen, Eronen, and Vidgren have slipped a bit since I haven't heard as much about them or is that reading too much into things? Of the player's not named, I had heard that Glen Hanlon was pretty impressed with Heikki Hyvonen ('89) prior to the season but don't hear him mentioned as a "prospect". Other '89's I'd be curious to know more about are Ilari Melart, Joonas Jarvinen, and Niko Kluuskeri. And among the younger players (1991 and 1990 born), are there any others that maybe should be included? (Ville Hietekko, Joonas Purolinna, Kai Lehtinen, Villle Hyvarinen)?

In the forward positions, I'd be curious to see whether teams select Rajala for his potential or Nattinen - who seems to be the "safer" pick but doesn't project to be the impact player that Rajala can be - first. Haven't heard as much about Jormakka lately and it's interesting that both Sallinen's are listed. I've seen very little about Jere, who has played more at the SM-Liiga level, while Tomi is rated by Central Scouting. Of those mentioned, I'd be curious to know who's either slid or gone up in they eyes of scouts. Also, I'd be curious as to whether or not Moses Mustonen or Ville Jantunen would be included on an end of the season list?

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