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05-16-2009, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by abbyfan View Post
I can see where u are coming from and i'll make a slight attempt as to a better athlete....

Lots of people say that baseball players arent athletes, but Albert Pujols should be on a very short list of top 5 athletes currently in the world. Anyone who follows baseball knows what im talking about.

I remember watching a Fox broadcast a while back and they talked about how these scientists tested Pujols to see just how good of an athlete he was. They did test for reflexes, hand eye, flexibility etc.. They found that Pujols ranked in the top 0.1 percent of the worlds population as far as the tests were concerned.

I'm sure people will be like 'he's a ball player, how hard is it to hit a baseball?!'. But people who know anything about sport will know that hitting a 98 mph fastball over 400 feet takes some skill....

I'm not necessarily saying Pujols is an allround better athlete than LeBron per say, but im just saying tests have shown he's a freak in baseball the way Lebron is a freak in basketball.
I was just thinking of who the best all around athletes were in other sports...and Pujols/Hanley Ramirez came to mind in baseball. But I doubt either would win a margin the way Lebron did here:

He was all-state in football as a sophomore...that's crazy.

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