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05-16-2009, 04:57 PM
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You have to realize that Tomas Kaberle isn't even as good as Dan Boyle. Kaberle is even more one dimensional and defensively liable than Boyle. They are both good puck movers and on the PP, but Boyle is better at that too.

I think Kaberle is worth a mid-late 1st Round pick and a decent prospect... to a team that is up-and-coming and has tons of youngsters already. Like St Louis or Columbus potentially... since they both have young groups of forwards and solid goaltending. They both too have decent groups of defensemen... Columbus is big, strong and plays a very responsible game they don't really have a good puck mover. St Louis' D is younger, but still very serviceable with great youngsters like Johnson, Colaiacovo and Woywitka. Both teams had bad PP's this season, but made the playoffs anyways and then had bad PP's in the playoffs too. They could surely use a Dman like Kaberle to feed their skilled young forwards.

I think one of these deals might make sense for both teams.....

Tomas Kaberle

1st Round 2009 (16th pick)
Brett Sonne

Tomas Kaberle

1st Round 2009 (15th pick)
Stefan Legein

This way... STL/CBJ gets a good puckmover, and Toronto gets the mid 1st Round pick (to take one of Glennie, Kassian, Ellis, etc) and a good future 3rd/4th line character guy to play the role of a plumber. In contrast to popular belief among Leafers.... our 3rd/4th liners suck. They are either too weak, too slow, or don't have enough grit to be an effective plumber (ie: Stajan, Mitchell, Hamilton, Williams, etc). The only guys we have to fill that tole right now are Hagman, Mayers, maybe Poni and maybe Deveaux. Legein or Sonne would be another great skater that is tenacious on the puck, checks well and has some sort of leadership... and they each would have a bit of upside too.

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