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05-16-2009, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Talentless Practise View Post
I'll give you one. Brad Richards & Johan Holmqvist for Mike Smith, Jussi Jokinen, Jeff Halpern and a 4th. Take away the minor pieces and we get something like Richards for Smith, Jokinen, 4th. Equivalent from the Ducks would be Hiller, Christensen, 4th. I'll give you those pieces even while Richards is more proven and arguably better than Gagne.

Funny how that works both ways isn't it?


Let's make a compromise. Hartnell for Hiller, 2nd -10

Oh I love this one, let me jump in here. See, you've one FATAL mistake here and that in saying that Richards = Gagne. TB couldn't realistically carry the 7+ mil salaries of both Richards and Vinny and they had to part with one. If you want a very good center (actually, Richards had ONE really good year and then has been average the rest of his career) one a realatively BAD contract then you are talking about Briere from the Flyers. So if you want to trade us Hiller + for Briere then that's fine with me. That's a MUCH closer comparison to the Richards deal that you are waving as your banner.

I'll wait for the "Richards has accomplished much more than Briere" and "Richards >>>> Briere" comments that are sure to come for you. I'm going to the bar now but I'll check back later. PS - I'd be very very careful in your bashing Brier for not having acclomplished anything. If you actually WATCHED the games then you'd know that the year that the Canes won the cup that the Buffalo team was the better team but losing 3 of your top 4 starting dmen, and then 1 of the guys you had as one of their replacements, really does have a SIGNIFICANT impact on a teams ability to win. Be carefu here, you may just put your foot in your mouth.

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